Saturday, November 19, 2005

Did you see? The One in Red and The One in Black?

They stand leaning against the wall
In different corners of the room,

Almost as if they've been punished
On some schoolday.
For something they haven't done.

They hear the music in the room
And wonder:
When it'll be their turn to sing?

All day,
They have been there.
For a week maybe.

"What have I done wrong?" they ask.
It's nothing.
Just endsems.

My fingers itch
And I reach out.
"But!... later," I say.

My splendid guitars.
Just waiting there -
To be played.

Just endsems.

~ SD

PS: Dont beat me up! All this is Analog Exam NBD :P (NBD = Nervous Breakdown for those not fimilar with IIT Lingo :D)

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ken said...

i know that feeling!!!!