Saturday, November 19, 2005

To Pass or Not To Pass?

This is about EE323.

I know: It's most unlike me to write something serious. Or to bring up acads into anything. Yet:

It's endsems. Big deal right? I've never studied for anything so why am I suddenly taking nbd (Nervous Breakdown to those who're not fimiliar with the lingo :P) over a single subject? Consider this: I have an insem total of 5. Out of 50. I scored a brilliant 2/100 in the midsems. Mallu scored 30+ in the same. Hitesh (as usual) has cracked off a cool 90+ in this course. The average is about 60/100 (guessing there!). I'm stuck on next to nothing.

It's not like me to screw up so bad. Sure I dont study and all... but I dont screw up either. And this is the first time i've had to ask myself, "Will I pass?". It shocked me. It really did.

So as it stands I need a 40/50 in tomorrow's exam. Thankfully 10 marks goes into the Assignment. So I need 30/40. Almost impossible by most standards. This week's incident has also had it's toll on me. I couldn't study on Wednesday. Yesterday too I could have done a lot more. But I have no excuse. If I cant pull off a magical 30 then i'm sunk. Some people are already telling me, "Ditch... No way!".

Is there a point in writing all this? I guess not. Just that at the end of all this: Whether i do well or not, i'm going to get as far away from IIT tonite as possible. I'm going to enjoy life. Nothing else matters.

The exam is in a few hours. And for the last time I tell myself: "Will I pass? I Will."

~ SD


Krishna said...

Chill re. Tis ok :)

ken said...

so did u pass? :P

SD said...

did i pass.. dunno. i aced half the paper. but.. the ic725 circuit?? wtf? is he crazy??

if the paper had been sensible then certainly i would have aced it.... unfortunately...

well i still shall pass probably... but it'll be a DD. :((

~ SD

fundooz said...

hope u pass..hang on :)

ken said...

relax man.. courses come and go.. so do grades. we'll still be the same. :)

SD said...

thanks dudes...