Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Son of a Ditch!

Rylan's antics are great entertainment. On the bus ride back from Ahmedabad, however, he outdid himself.

We had stopped at a shady motel for food late at night. Now this place was really run down and shabby. The only reason they stayed in business was 'coz they had commission with the bluddy bus drivers.

Rylan enters the dining area and out of the blue, the first thing he orders is a 'Cappuccino'! The poor waiter-dude just stares back at him, completely baffled. Soon, Rylan gets up and heads to the latrine. On the way, he recieves valuable information - "It's dirty!". A dirty toilet! What were that chances of that I ask you?

Consequently Rylan heads to the woods. He comes across a ditch. Not far enough from the bus, he decides that the other side mush be reached. He ponders upon it for a while. "Hmm. It's black. It's not reflecting anything. It's not moving. Must be a road ya?". Thus firm in his conclusion, he jumps in.

As it turns out, it was not a road. It was, infact a drain. A little way upstream was that very same public restroom that was too dirty for him. He had jumped into a slimy sewage ditch! Ewwww. (And also, hahahahhahaha! What a dumbass!)

Finally Rylan manages to scramble out. His first words as he pulls himself out? Not "Help!" or "Ewwwww!" or "Waaaah!", but he says, "I have lost my footwear in there." WTF?

Unfortunately we weren't witness to this great Rylan-giri. We came to know of it when Chinmay comes running and shouts, "Need water! Lots of water!"
Us: "Is it an emergency?"
Chinmay: "Yes! Rylan has fallen into a ditch!"
Us: "???"

Well folks, if you ask me, this story deserves to go down in the annals of history alongside "George W. Bush" and "Boy Bands" as the greatest joke ever. Such is the story of "Rylan and the Ditch".

Monday, January 30, 2006


Chaos 2006 Moksha: Come get blissed.

Chaos is this tiny little cultural fest hosted by IIM Ahmedabad. It's a totally lukkha and informal fest and a lot of fun to attend. Chaos 2006, Moksha, was no different. So, from Thursday last to today (Monday), all of us had a ball.

Too much took place to write about, it was like.. music . solo vocals . wicked games . story building . graffiti . rangoli . western band . cricket . booz . snooty lit junta . coffee . dumb c . lukkhagiri . what it eez? . tattoos . crappy obscene songs . fundoo bus ride back . mr & ms Chaos . TV sets . Rylan's ditch incident . and more stuff.

We went as part of the music contingent and also participated in Fine Arts events and Lit & Speaking events!!! The most fun thing was Story Building, but that deserves a complete description (so later). Mr & Ms Chaos was really good. Oh! And we made a rangoli! How cool!

In the end we did win the Chaos Trophy. Man those guys at IIM must be super-pissed at us - we come as a horde, take part in everything and win it all. Just the last line uttered by the compere/organiser said it all: "Aur fir se. Yeh log furniture ke tarah pade rahte hain. Cricket khelte hain. Aur jeet bhi jaate hain. Ms Chaos goes to Tanishta from IITB!" :D

Chaos 2006 Moksha... i got blissed.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 AD. Coming Soon.

Yes you heard right! Acoustic Dusk is back! And it's huuge. It's an all new effort to bring the music scene back to life.

What's wrong with it now you ask? Well nothing really... it's just that other clubs have shot ahead and we've sort-of remained an "artists' club". That's changing now. When I see everyone pitching in to paint posters and the fact that the music room is always noisy... We're finally starting to take our music seriously.

Of the music room, someone once said, "Here we kill more songs than mosquitoes." Very cynical. Well - not anymore. Many bands are starting to sound pretty good now. The T-Shirt is coming out, we're getting a good sound system for AD, the website is under construction. And we now have a logo!

Uh.. my point was.. well whatever. Jamming is fun. Music is fun.
So Rock On!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Every once in a while, it becomes a necessity to clean that cave I live in. Not 'coz it's too dirty or anything, but mainly because people around start getting suspicious as to where all the rodents are coming from. :P

Well anyways, once a sem, I turn my room inside out, remove the dirt and push everything back in. The room is still filled with loads of crap, but it's clean crap now :)

Here's the Spring Cleaning Process of Jan 2nd 2006. Starts off around 4:00 PM.

Step 1: Removing stuff from the room and dumping it in the corridor.

A lot of stuff, isin't it?

Waay too many guitars! Yes: It's true... My room is like a graveyard for guitars. People generally come in and dump guitars there. 5 of them are in view.

Mark Knopfler and a Czech Shotglass :)

Me and the CG Web Badge [And if you're asking... yes I have now cut off those amazingly cool locks of hair :(]

My music system. 5.1 Bose Speakers, A subwoofer that's bigger than most PCs and a harmon/kardon amp!!! Waay Cool!!! :D :D

A close up

Well.. time to get to Step 2. sigh.

Step 2: Clean the room.

Avi tries to solve a Rubik's cube whilst we clean. He didn't succeed. (See that confused look on his face?)

The Brave Muskeeteers: Baccha and I
Ofcourse Me being as "adept" at cleaning as I am, Baccha had to do most of the work. Thanks BTW.

After Step 2 is done, we move on to:
Step 3: Look around and praise self at the brilliant work done :D
And also celebrate a little and stuff like that.

Who's the King huh?

Step 4: Putting stuff back
The desk is now filled!

Aaand those guitars are on the bed. People! Please take your guitars back!!

Look closely: In the pic you'll notice a shiny red epiphone elec guitar. Yeah.. that's mine. Awesome isin't it?

So.. we finally end at around 9:30 PM. Man... a job well done :P

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

World Procastination Day

Today is World Procastination Day.

“Hard work often pays off over time, but procrastination always pays off now.”
~ on Procrastination

"That's Cool."
~ Hyde on Procrastination

“You can't say that word on television!”
~ The Consor Board on Procrastination

“Procrastination is like masturbation; it may feel good at the time but you're only screwing yourself”
~ Salman Rushide on Procrastination

“Tomorrow is the day I stop procrastinating”
~ Anonymous on Procrastination

“Never put off tomorrow something you can put off today”
~ A wise old man on Procastination

uh.. I'll finish this article later ;P

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shades of Indigo (Part 2)

Here's more pics... this time of Face Painting and The Shuffle Demons. The Shuffle Demons put up a really rocking show! Cheese on Bread?

Shades of Indigo

Click on the pictures to enlarge them ;)
Dive In!

Archit and I and the Santa Hat :D


Splash and I

Splash and the Smiling Duo

Freshie Orientation

Photoblogging :D

Fine Arts for PAF

Emani and I

Eating (Sub treat)

The Bill is 6 feet long! (Sub treat)

Happy Birthday to MI: The Cake and the OCs


Livewire: This is Mood I

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Put Your Light's On!

Security at the IIT Main gate:

Scene: Rylan drives up in his car, leaving insti. IIT Security tells him to stop. The conversation follows:

Security: "Yes?"
Rylan: "Student"
Security: "Kuchh hai?"
Rylan: "Guns." <-- !!!! Security: "Kuchh electrical saaman hai?"
Rylan: "No, just mechanical."
Security: "Haan. Aap jao."

Such is the state of IIT Security.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006

December 31st 2005. New Years' Eve. It's a time to party for all. And it turned out to be one of the most unplanned New Years night I've ever been at.

At 9-ish KP, Avi and I pile into Prady's car and we decide to go do something. I was tired after MI and stuff so I was like lets just go booze somewhere. Then we decided to call up Niketa (KP met her at Mood I). Five minutes later we were off to the US Club at Colaba.

Now here's where it all starts to get chaotic. After we're out of insti, we're told that there's a dress code: No jeans, formals only, tie required, etc etc. We were like "oh oh!". So started the scavenger hunt across South Bombay.

First up were shoes for prady. How on earth were we supposed to get shoes at 11 at night? And then we needed 3 shirts and 4 ties.

Well anyways.... calling Giddu, calling Shariq, Eros, Regal, Churchgate, Cabrides, ... ... And we finally had the things we needed. But it was already 1 AM!!! So we entered US Club at around 1 AM.

And i was bored in minutes. People were dancing. I can't. So I decided to get sloshed instead coz' that's fun too. Called up a few of mah friends n stuff. And by around 2:30 or so i was rolling in vodka shots.

Ok. Now fastforward. 7 shots down. I was pretty high (finally). I think I may have been a funny sight on the dance floor. Well whatever. Later on at nite we head down to Marine Drive and sit there till morning.

It was fun.

Now what's the point in typing all that? I think it's just a long way of saying:

Happy New Year!!
Enjoy 2006. I know I shall.