Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 AD. Coming Soon.

Yes you heard right! Acoustic Dusk is back! And it's huuge. It's an all new effort to bring the music scene back to life.

What's wrong with it now you ask? Well nothing really... it's just that other clubs have shot ahead and we've sort-of remained an "artists' club". That's changing now. When I see everyone pitching in to paint posters and the fact that the music room is always noisy... We're finally starting to take our music seriously.

Of the music room, someone once said, "Here we kill more songs than mosquitoes." Very cynical. Well - not anymore. Many bands are starting to sound pretty good now. The T-Shirt is coming out, we're getting a good sound system for AD, the website is under construction. And we now have a logo!

Uh.. my point was.. well whatever. Jamming is fun. Music is fun.
So Rock On!

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