Monday, January 30, 2006


Chaos 2006 Moksha: Come get blissed.

Chaos is this tiny little cultural fest hosted by IIM Ahmedabad. It's a totally lukkha and informal fest and a lot of fun to attend. Chaos 2006, Moksha, was no different. So, from Thursday last to today (Monday), all of us had a ball.

Too much took place to write about, it was like.. music . solo vocals . wicked games . story building . graffiti . rangoli . western band . cricket . booz . snooty lit junta . coffee . dumb c . lukkhagiri . what it eez? . tattoos . crappy obscene songs . fundoo bus ride back . mr & ms Chaos . TV sets . Rylan's ditch incident . and more stuff.

We went as part of the music contingent and also participated in Fine Arts events and Lit & Speaking events!!! The most fun thing was Story Building, but that deserves a complete description (so later). Mr & Ms Chaos was really good. Oh! And we made a rangoli! How cool!

In the end we did win the Chaos Trophy. Man those guys at IIM must be super-pissed at us - we come as a horde, take part in everything and win it all. Just the last line uttered by the compere/organiser said it all: "Aur fir se. Yeh log furniture ke tarah pade rahte hain. Cricket khelte hain. Aur jeet bhi jaate hain. Ms Chaos goes to Tanishta from IITB!" :D

Chaos 2006 Moksha... i got blissed.


vikrant said...

(snooty lit junta) oye 'compere' is not spelled as 'compare', change it (/snooty lit junta)

Anonymous said...

(snooty lit junta again) tannishta is wrongly spelt (/snooty lit junta again)


SD said...

(really snooty sd)*yawn* whatever(/really snooty sd)

Anonymous said...

and now you're one of the organizers of this tiny cultural fest .. ;)