Thursday, January 05, 2006

Put Your Light's On!

Security at the IIT Main gate:

Scene: Rylan drives up in his car, leaving insti. IIT Security tells him to stop. The conversation follows:

Security: "Yes?"
Rylan: "Student"
Security: "Kuchh hai?"
Rylan: "Guns." <-- !!!! Security: "Kuchh electrical saaman hai?"
Rylan: "No, just mechanical."
Security: "Haan. Aap jao."

Such is the state of IIT Security.


ken said...

Don't put this here... terrorists might get a clue :P

SD said...

Ah right! Terrorists are reading my blog huh? If that's their info gathering then they're stupid enuf to never find IITB and end up bombing Navy Nagar (which, come to think of it is actually much worse!! :D)

surdy said...

btw wen security stops u @ Main gate instead of using "Students" or "H-8", LTTE/Terrorists are suitable replacements.
Try it; it works :P

SD said...

yes... we know only too well 'coz Prady and I were like the first people to do this all the way back in summer :D