Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shades of Indigo

Click on the pictures to enlarge them ;)
Dive In!

Archit and I and the Santa Hat :D


Splash and I

Splash and the Smiling Duo

Freshie Orientation

Photoblogging :D

Fine Arts for PAF

Emani and I

Eating (Sub treat)

The Bill is 6 feet long! (Sub treat)

Happy Birthday to MI: The Cake and the OCs


Livewire: This is Mood I


Archit said...

dude the last pic is shaan

i made it livewire coz i dint have livewire pics :p

Anonymous said...

hooola !!

nice nice :)

~ Krishna

Anonymous said...

the pronite pic was an mazing attempt..
Pity on me for not attempting nything even close to it.

Good attmept..

Vikram "Ghodi"

ken said...

seriously.. the last pic rocks!

Anonymous said...

cool pics and I liked reading your blog after a long break.


Anonymous said...

hmm..nice pics...salim is cute..