Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Son of a Ditch!

Rylan's antics are great entertainment. On the bus ride back from Ahmedabad, however, he outdid himself.

We had stopped at a shady motel for food late at night. Now this place was really run down and shabby. The only reason they stayed in business was 'coz they had commission with the bluddy bus drivers.

Rylan enters the dining area and out of the blue, the first thing he orders is a 'Cappuccino'! The poor waiter-dude just stares back at him, completely baffled. Soon, Rylan gets up and heads to the latrine. On the way, he recieves valuable information - "It's dirty!". A dirty toilet! What were that chances of that I ask you?

Consequently Rylan heads to the woods. He comes across a ditch. Not far enough from the bus, he decides that the other side mush be reached. He ponders upon it for a while. "Hmm. It's black. It's not reflecting anything. It's not moving. Must be a road ya?". Thus firm in his conclusion, he jumps in.

As it turns out, it was not a road. It was, infact a drain. A little way upstream was that very same public restroom that was too dirty for him. He had jumped into a slimy sewage ditch! Ewwww. (And also, hahahahhahaha! What a dumbass!)

Finally Rylan manages to scramble out. His first words as he pulls himself out? Not "Help!" or "Ewwwww!" or "Waaaah!", but he says, "I have lost my footwear in there." WTF?

Unfortunately we weren't witness to this great Rylan-giri. We came to know of it when Chinmay comes running and shouts, "Need water! Lots of water!"
Us: "Is it an emergency?"
Chinmay: "Yes! Rylan has fallen into a ditch!"
Us: "???"

Well folks, if you ask me, this story deserves to go down in the annals of history alongside "George W. Bush" and "Boy Bands" as the greatest joke ever. Such is the story of "Rylan and the Ditch".


Anonymous said...


Silly fellow, that Oudjha.

Anonymous said...

Useless fellow...get your facts right...
It was a "cafeccino" the latest in the many offerings from the pepsi family...

PS: upload kp's pic here :p

SD said...

o forgive me, highly stupid one for I was mistaken. atleast i didnt fall into a ditch.


Anonymous said...

son of a ditch! ROTFL!


~ Krishna

Anonymous said...

ownt... i can see how this might make future arguements a bit uncomfortable for me... :P


fundooz said...

hahaha..someone put up the pic of rylan whilst IN the murky waters of loo-ravine!

SD said...

lol!!! loo-ravine!! :D :D

anyone - if you have a picture of Rylan in a compromising position (oh not that u pervert :P, i mean whilst in the ditch).. please pass it on to me :D

Anonymous said...

Encore! Encore! One for the camera?!!? Please?!

Salim said...

sd.. didnt we call u son of a ditch too? the context was different of course.

Anonymous said...


SD said...

@salim - yes that is indeed true. but this is more apt. right?