Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Every once in a while, it becomes a necessity to clean that cave I live in. Not 'coz it's too dirty or anything, but mainly because people around start getting suspicious as to where all the rodents are coming from. :P

Well anyways, once a sem, I turn my room inside out, remove the dirt and push everything back in. The room is still filled with loads of crap, but it's clean crap now :)

Here's the Spring Cleaning Process of Jan 2nd 2006. Starts off around 4:00 PM.

Step 1: Removing stuff from the room and dumping it in the corridor.

A lot of stuff, isin't it?

Waay too many guitars! Yes: It's true... My room is like a graveyard for guitars. People generally come in and dump guitars there. 5 of them are in view.

Mark Knopfler and a Czech Shotglass :)

Me and the CG Web Badge [And if you're asking... yes I have now cut off those amazingly cool locks of hair :(]

My music system. 5.1 Bose Speakers, A subwoofer that's bigger than most PCs and a harmon/kardon amp!!! Waay Cool!!! :D :D

A close up

Well.. time to get to Step 2. sigh.

Step 2: Clean the room.

Avi tries to solve a Rubik's cube whilst we clean. He didn't succeed. (See that confused look on his face?)

The Brave Muskeeteers: Baccha and I
Ofcourse Me being as "adept" at cleaning as I am, Baccha had to do most of the work. Thanks BTW.

After Step 2 is done, we move on to:
Step 3: Look around and praise self at the brilliant work done :D
And also celebrate a little and stuff like that.

Who's the King huh?

Step 4: Putting stuff back
The desk is now filled!

Aaand those guitars are on the bed. People! Please take your guitars back!!

Look closely: In the pic you'll notice a shiny red epiphone elec guitar. Yeah.. that's mine. Awesome isin't it?

So.. we finally end at around 9:30 PM. Man... a job well done :P


Anonymous said...

arey dam clean...ur wife shall be a very happy woman but then coz ur gonna do all the saaf safaii she'll become fat n shiny!

SD said...

ahun... i guess you don't know me very well... anyways just for the record: This happens like once a year and mine is nearly the dirtiest room anyone has ever been in... Once of the only reasons I actually clean my room is 'coz other people keep pestering me to do so! :P :P

amit "dirtier-than-thou" karan said...

"...mine is nearly the dirtiest room anyone has ever been in..."

haha... i'm catching up to your record of once a year cleaning. haven't cleaned my room since i shifted in july.

p.s. : plz to excuse the late comment :P

SD said...

nice nickname "dirtier-than-thou" :)...

since july huh? good going! just a sem and hols longer and u'll be at my record :P