Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006

December 31st 2005. New Years' Eve. It's a time to party for all. And it turned out to be one of the most unplanned New Years night I've ever been at.

At 9-ish KP, Avi and I pile into Prady's car and we decide to go do something. I was tired after MI and stuff so I was like lets just go booze somewhere. Then we decided to call up Niketa (KP met her at Mood I). Five minutes later we were off to the US Club at Colaba.

Now here's where it all starts to get chaotic. After we're out of insti, we're told that there's a dress code: No jeans, formals only, tie required, etc etc. We were like "oh oh!". So started the scavenger hunt across South Bombay.

First up were shoes for prady. How on earth were we supposed to get shoes at 11 at night? And then we needed 3 shirts and 4 ties.

Well anyways.... calling Giddu, calling Shariq, Eros, Regal, Churchgate, Cabrides, ... ... And we finally had the things we needed. But it was already 1 AM!!! So we entered US Club at around 1 AM.

And i was bored in minutes. People were dancing. I can't. So I decided to get sloshed instead coz' that's fun too. Called up a few of mah friends n stuff. And by around 2:30 or so i was rolling in vodka shots.

Ok. Now fastforward. 7 shots down. I was pretty high (finally). I think I may have been a funny sight on the dance floor. Well whatever. Later on at nite we head down to Marine Drive and sit there till morning.

It was fun.

Now what's the point in typing all that? I think it's just a long way of saying:

Happy New Year!!
Enjoy 2006. I know I shall.

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