Wednesday, January 11, 2006

World Procastination Day

Today is World Procastination Day.

“Hard work often pays off over time, but procrastination always pays off now.”
~ on Procrastination

"That's Cool."
~ Hyde on Procrastination

“You can't say that word on television!”
~ The Consor Board on Procrastination

“Procrastination is like masturbation; it may feel good at the time but you're only screwing yourself”
~ Salman Rushide on Procrastination

“Tomorrow is the day I stop procrastinating”
~ Anonymous on Procrastination

“Never put off tomorrow something you can put off today”
~ A wise old man on Procastination

uh.. I'll finish this article later ;P


Giddu said...

Ah... hidden message guy!! got that on dint I.. :P :P

SD said...

ahun... but which one did you find?

Giddu said...

3-4 of 'em .. all your base, take over mind, and the one in the sidebar about the visitors :D

i think i aced all :D :P

SD said...

yeah you got it :D

good job ;)