Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Call to Arms

It's about wars. I hate wars. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. It's barbaric that countless innocents are wasted away for something as illogical as a religion or a differing point of view.

And it's not just war. We're ruining the Earth. It used to be so pretty.

Have you read the papers lately? We really have the world fouled up. Acid rain, toxic wastes, holes in the ozone, sewage in the oceans and on and on.

The only bright side to all this is that eventually there may not be a piece of this planet worth fighting over.


Krishna said...
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Krishna said...

uh? when did you become so senti about wars?

i do agree with you though. why do india-pakistan fight? why can't they just play cricket and be happy in life :(

and yeah..with you being you, i kinda saw that last line coming :P

ken said...

even i saw the last line coming... relax sd. there's a lot of things worth being happy over. besides when we're grown up influential ppl, maybe we can influence the stupid politicians!

SD said...

Am I becoming so predictable? People guessing the last line and all? Damn man. Must do something about it.

But yeah: generally speaking, i'm quite anti-war and pro-nature types. Go on a trek and you'll know too!

Besides, after reading pro-nature statements, maybe some people will change their thoughts.

SD said...

Wait man.. I take back the last line of what i said... People here love beating up others. Sadistically they plummel him till he can barely sit. What hope is there of guys like this reforming?

I'm talking about birthday-bums here.

Anonymous said...

"And it's not just war. We're ruining the Earth. It used to be so pretty. " --heh the wording there ...and it's birthiday bumPs..:)


SD said...



shrek said...

hey!! not all wars are bad.. what do you say about the blizzard wars? :P

SD said...

That's not a *real* war! Duh!!!