Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Deja Vu

It's been 3 years in IIT and i've seen plenty of PAFs. But today was something else. It was reality. I have never seen such a performance. Everything was so perfect. The streetplay, the music, the choreo, dialogues. The whole concept.

And you know what? - I can actually connect with the theme. The entire audience could connect with the theme. There's no doubt that inspite of everything, inspite of being "The cream of the nation", we IITians are in a sorry state.

We despise our classes. We dislike oue professors. We barely take part in anything. The only thing we have going for us are our friends. And thanks to IM, online forums and video-games, that may be gone soon too!

It's not difficult to see that something is seriously wrong. It's only recently that I've stopped watching movies, stopped playing video-games and actually gone out and done something. I hope today PAF was an eye-opener for atleast a few people.

The only creative or worthwhile thing I've done in IIT is Mood Indigo, for which I recieved a Special Mention tonite at the awards ceremony. But none of us, nor Neha, nor Abir, nor I went up to recieve. It was a protest. A silent protest against the fact that undeserving candidates have been awarded Institute Colours and a silent process against the entire selection procedure. Will people ever wake up? Will they ever dare to take some action against the politicization of every little thing in insti?

Which again brings me back to PAF. People keep saying that PAF is a waste of time and effort. They keep saying that we are no good at putting up a show, that the whole concept is flawed, that people are unhappy working for it.

Screw all those people who say that it's a waste of effort. It's not. It's a chance for an entire hostel to come together, for many hostels to come together, and prove that we are good at something. To show that there's still some spirit left in us. Let the barking dogs be - it makes little difference. We know that PAFs are worthwhile, that it is unique to IIT and that everyone who works in it is, at the end of a performance, overjoyed and previliged to have been a part of it. Kudos to Hostels 1, 4, 9 and 11. Hats off to Anshul Singhal. It was a great show. Even after putting so much into our own PAF, which was critically acclaimed as one of the best ever, we are not sad to take in second place. This one was that good.

And the best of all? - It carried a clear message. Even if it inspires some people to wake up, to do something, it'll be enough. It's stirred me up, that's for sure.


Giddu said...

I was left speechless by today's performance. Not so much by the performance per se but I was totally moved by the clarity, and the superlative brilliantness of he portrayal of the theme and the thoughts. I am sure that you are not the only one moved, because I too am there. I can only hope for the others to have felt as much as I have.

saint nothing! said...

true maan! every person who still has a mind loved today's PAF.. It was the best thing that happened to me in the campus so far that seemed to serve a purpose.. PAF shone in the light of its own.. the aura will prevail tho the core in itself might die.. hope atleast some of the (i daresay!) lesser mortals bathe in its pure rays and rise to life our sad little nation from its present state!

and yea, the silent protest was only too obvious.. tell what u think out loud without fear.. i guess u have enough crdibility to stand firm (tho ur weight is abysmally low!:P)

Anonymous said...

Sd we all know you deserved a colour.
Tu ne web ke liye infi fight maari thi. But these are things that you are going to see in life and you should not be dejected.
What is important (and I am happy for that) is that you have realized your true potential.. which was just getting wasted with those LAN games.
You must continue to do your best.

Afterall some wise guy has said,
"Success lies in the race run, not the trophy won".
I hope it conveys my point.

As for the Paf, it was amazing. Kharaashein was excellent but this was a class apart.

Among the numerous people who stood in that red light I could see myself and my friends. Yeah you were right.. it wasn't a paf, it was reality.


vikash said...

true...The paf was not only about was also about the feelings u felt....dé·jà vu

I was one of the people in script and I've seen the developement of this paf step by step. Initially everyone was not willing to work 'coz they thought that people will start dayaa. But..we tried hard to convince them...and all the people worked together for this just coz we all know ki jeeten ya naa jeeten kuchh log to samjhenge. And many of the incidents were based on real incidence...that I announced in starting...'inka sambandh kisi bhi jeevit ya mrit vyakti se ho sakta hai'. I really appreciate the people who accepted this paf and watched silently. (expect for first few minutes).

SD said...

@baloo - Actually, I'm not even saying I deserved a colour. I don't even want a special mention as such - Mood I was amazing and everybody knows it. I don't need some official recognition to be happy about it.

What I am protesting is that many undeserving people got it while deserving people (Abir especially, just to name one) did not. It was a total farce and we were not protesting the fact that we didn't get a colour, but we were protesting against the process of selection which was buffoonery.

SD said...

@vikash - dude you guys did amazingly well. It was really risky selecting the theme and i'm sure people must have been very pessimistic about it succeeding. But in the end it did so hats off to all you guys. Well done.

Karthik said...

Hey SD

I just saw the PAF on google video and was blown away. was googling for reviews to see what insti junta thought of it and stumbled across ur blog.

About the colours - I was in one of those meetings back in the day. One of the funniest experiences ever :D My brother got majorly senti about it when he was in it. I just found it amusing. And it was fun playing the part of the non-poltu guy :P

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