Monday, March 27, 2006


Kharaashein. A production by Hostels 6, 10 and 13. The best PAF i've ever seen. It was amazing. Over 150 people on stage, 15+ voiceovers, and an effort by more than 300 students! It felt great to be part of something so good. Ofcourse, the music team didn't do anything great, but we did support the PAF in the end with some nice background scores.

The chawl is nearly complete. Just a few hours to go!

Prod work in progress: Making the chawl!

Fine Arts: The finishing touches on a backdrop

Matkifod during the final performance

Figuring out the music

The Peacock Dance: Vibrant Colours

Firedance - The last choreo

Post PAF Celebrations

It was an amazing experience. A great show to everybody who took part. Hope we win!


rintz said...

Did you win?

Ess Dee said...

nopes.. Deja Vu won.. see the next post.