Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thinking about moving...

An oft heard conversation goes something like this:

"Hey SD... you've mis-spelt the URL of your blog. It's 'available'."

And then, I'm forced to explain: It's not a mistake. It's deliberate. What happened was that I was trying to find an address but every one I tried was taken already. Frustrated, I typed 'nothingsavailable' into the little box. But as luck would have it, some minstrel already hath registered it! Now I was peeved. In irritation, I mis-typed 'nothingsavaliable' as an indication to the world that, really, there are too few words around here.

But I now grow tired of going over the same long-winded story over and over again; So just today when someone "politely" pointed out the same, I drew upon my vast knowledge of the English language, and said nothing.

I think it's time to move to another blogspace.


Sunil Kundal said...
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Sunil Kundal said...

hmm .. so that's why it seemed to me ki u r not coming up with any new posts .. actually i use google reader for keeping the track of junta's blogs .. but since u changed ur blog address, it seemed ki koi nayi post nahin ki tune .. waise u know wat .. IMO it was a very nice address and there was really no need to change it .. it perfectly depicted the actual state of really nothing being available .. :p .. and nice template be .. achha laga ..

and thanx for adding my blog ..
p.s. i deleted the last comment to add this last line btw :D ..

SD said...


I liked the old address, but got tired of explaining it endlessly to people. So got a new one. This one's nice too.