Saturday, March 18, 2006


Forever have I been here,
Forever have I looked out from behind these Cold Eyes.
I protect your way of life, Your culture;
The very things You find "most important".

Not benevolent; like a God of Old, I demand Sacrifice
Both sides must praise, Both sides must give;
Both sides will praise, Both sides will give;
You will die so that I may live.

Many times have they tried:
To declare me dead and bury me,
But I adamantly refuse --
Nothing lives forever; Except I.


GrasshopperBoy said...

haven't really read ur blog entries...will take me some time to do so but just thot i'd say...AMAZING template! (the other skin is also AWESOME!!)

SD said...

:) thanks dude.

saint nothing! said...

good stuff dude! waise i got no ideas abt the rhyme schemes n all maan, wat sorta thingy was this?!

SD said...

there isin't really any rhyme scheme - it's free verse!

Raven said...

free verse u say? well, the best free verse it is then.