Monday, April 24, 2006


Baccha's fallen sick. He's been infected. With mathematics!

Here's a conversation that took place over breakfast:

Me: hmm... I wonder which is the smallest prime number more than a million. Baccha is a million and one a prime number?

Baccha: What? How do you expect me to calculate that?

Amost in the same breath, less than a second later...
Baccha: No it isn't. 101 is a factor.

Me (completely befuddled): gaaa!!!

A short while later, in my room:
Baccha: SD you were born on August 14th right? Which year?

Me: Yup; '84.

Baccha: hmm... lets see... were you were born on a Tuesday?

Me: WTF? I have no idea... Why? How? Ok lemme check...

After checking the calendar...
Me: Baccha you freak!!!!! How the hell?

A person infected with mathematics remains human, but they may become very calculating.


Anirudh said...

well those aren't the best of them..
Here are some you must have forgotten..
1)The last 3 digits of your car's number are 341.
341 = 256+64+16+4+1
in other words its binary is 101010101
2)Your romm no. is 17²+17

hehe.. i m really infected..i wish it helped me get good grades in ma..:(

Giddu said...

number wiz... was once like him, but then i became one of those 7 people in every 5 who don't know mathematics.

Nikhil said...

kya ho gaya hai logon ko??

SD said...

@baccha - yes, but these 2 were the most recent and the scars from ur mathmathical prowess were still fresh in my mind.

@gid - llol.. ur still a pretty good calculating machine... just that you dont kep Zounding! others with ur "skills" :P

Diviani said...

scared i am