Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Lost Road

Do you want to be where I am? Many say they do.

"Do you like it here?", I ask myself. Silence. No reply returns.

Why would you like it here? Why would anyone want to be here? No sovereignty. Never a free reign. Everything is controlled. Everything is sober. Here, Freedom exists - only in a textbook.

Shall we dare the dragon?
Merciless, he's poisoning our hearts
How shall we leave the lost road?

Time's getting short so follow me
A leader's task so clearly:
To find a path out of the dark

Sometimes I wonder if there's a way out. A trivia perhaps. I have seen none so far.

Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away, far away

Pull yourself together
You know you could do better

You're a free man.

And I stop now. There's a portal here. Back to 3 years ago. Is that the right path? To some it is. To me it isin't.

But I look ahead. Far away, there's a tiny beacon of light. And in one stroke the light gets faint. It's still there but it seems farther away. I shall strive to get there. There's still 7 months to go.

That's how the world works. Punish the industrious, support the unbefitting. Go read the papers.

Pull yourself together
You know you could do better


saint nothing! said...

truly not sure wether i wud leave that portal back to three years ago! but definately not an attitude i wud be happy abt! a year to go.. a life time left ahead.. what lies ahead who knows!

Giddu said...

seven months? i don't think i get you. perhaps I am too caught up. bound by ropes on the outside, bound by chains on the inside. which are the ones to break?

SD said...

To Mallu - Yeah that's what I tell myself: Just another year to go. But there are others around who feel that life-3years would be a better option.

To Giddu - What's the only redeeming thing I'm working towards nowadays? The only worthwhile way out of this hell-hole? Yet another Exam.

Which leads me to my last point - about punishing the worthy, bla bla. Once again I say: Read the papers.

Debjani said...

Hey SD,
I was ranting and raving about the reservations when Mallu told me you had written a piece on it. Well, this is just...beautiful...reflects the anguish and agony we are all going through right now. Thank you, and I hope we can do something about it.

SD said...

Hey Deba: The irony of the whole thing is unbelieveable. People are spending stupendous efforts on trying to get into a worthwhile univ, and the govt is impeding their quest. I simply cannot understand how they can be so sightless. How can they let poeple who don't have the qualifications, the skills, anyhting, to take the place of students who have worked hard, have proven their worth and those who will (if not blocked like this) actually go on to doing something great, go on to making the Country proud.

And then they complain that we all want to go abroad. Well it's obvious - we dont WANT to go abroad: We are FORCED to do so thanks to laws like this.