Thursday, May 04, 2006


Just outside the prof's office:

Me: Sir, I wanted to speak to you about the CMP course grades.

Prof: Yes, yes. Ah I couldn't have passed you. Your marks were too low.

Me: Sir, but I did well in the endsem paper. I'm pretty sure I should be passing atleast.

Prof: No. You got only some 4 or 5 marks in the endsem. You wouldn't have passed in my wildest dreams!

Me: Sir 5 marks is way too low. I'm positive I have done better. Sir, could I see my endsem paper?

Prof: No, that is against institute policy.

Me: Could I atleast get my break-up of marks?

Prof: No, I can't show you that.

Me: Sir, what did you keep the passing marks at?

Prof: Sorry, but I can't tell you.

Prof: Now please, I'm a little busy with all these seminars. Perhaps you should come some other time.

What do you think?


shrek said...

Sad !! whos the prof? i was in a similar position.. thought i'd done well endsem got 13/45 but thankfully the prof let me go.

SD said...

It was SS Major. Motherfuckin' Bitch he is. I'm sure he's done something re... otherwise why would he refuse to even tell me my marks?

vikrant said...

so wats the final verdict??
pass or not pass?

SD said...

Vinal verdict: FF :(

Will have to give the reexam.

hippo said...

dude did you know that its 'institute policy' to ensure that all the answer sheets in a course have to be stored till 6 months after the sem ends???

you can have them re-evaluated if you want by paying Rs. 200 (or 500 ?)...try this if nothing else has worked. foudn this out at one of these prof-student meetings...

SD said...

okay. will enquire.


SD said...

inquire* (gaa!)

Hitesh said...

that's pretty rude of major..
we all knew he is like this.. sorry for being ignorant.. but is this an insti policy at all?.. pls find out.. shukla, and sumantra had shown us end sem papers..