Friday, September 01, 2006

Ride into the Sun

The Pagan Lord
Looked to the Stars
Of future s'ord
And Endless Mars

Of Blood Red Streams
The Stars did speak
Of Roman Legions
Conquering, all the seek

The Silver Sickle
Would crash and sway
Priestess of the Moon
Would fade away

The Moon is gone now
The Sun comes in
And shines o'er everything
Both big and thin

Yet gone, it is not
She hovers in the sky
Hidden by the Sun's Gaze
The Moon, Pure and White

And centuries must pass by
When pray, we do not
Then the Moon we'll see again
Nature's True Child's only Lord.


Anonymous said...


SD said...

thankyou :)

who r u?

crazed_mellow said...

morrison man morrison

great stuff

MAVERICK said...

seems like you wrote this after reading the da vici
s code !!

Ess Dee said...

aah. well actually it was more like after reading "The Big Beat and Texas Radio" by Jim Morrison. But yes, it has strong connections do the theme of Da Vinci Code as well.