Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Awesome Day of Food

All I'm going to do is describe a day. Just a single day. Not even a very exciting day. An ordinary day - but with Food, with a Capital F.

The day started just post-midnight when Kris, KP, Baccha, Emani, Shash and I randomly decided to land up at Rodas for a midnight buffet. So there we were eating. And drinking. And talking. And the desserts were mindblowing!

(An aside: After a while, suddenly, we were beset by Rylan, Surdy and other MI-team croonies. We think that Emani might have called forth his minions! Soon this small infestation gets serious when nearly 15-odd of them turn up. But, in retrospect, thank god (no capitals there...) they came 'coz we had run out of money! :D

So, that was The Day, Part 1: Rodas.

The Day, Part 2 was breakfast. At home.

Breakfast at home is one of the coolest things. For mom is so happy that I'm actally at home, and that I'm eating breakfast, that she goes all out and prepares some wonderfull stuff.

Oh.. I can see you turning green with envy. So, for wont of not getting beaten up, I shan't elaborate.

The Day, Part 3: CCD (or Cafe Coffe Day to some)

The good part of the rest of the morning was spent with Romona at CCD. God knows why she tapkaoed at IIT, but since I met her after a couple of eons, it was good fun. CCD needs no description - we've all been there far too often for our liking. Soon, we headed off for lunch.

The Day, Part 4: Saffron Spice

The lunch buffet at Saffron Spice has always been a fave place to spend 3 hours of the afternoon. It was no different. Ashika came over for lunch and we all went lunching and made fun of all those people in ties. (Damn! Can't do that for too long anymore!).

Then, being too full to walk, we headed over to rest for a while. But, no fear, for just a couple of hours later, I met Shashi, the man eternally in shorts.

The Day, Part 5: Yoko's


Stake at Yoko's. Need I say more? :D

Is there more, you ask? Well, indeed there is.

The Day Part 6: Birdy's

Chocolate Mousse. BWHAHAHAHhahahahah! :D :P

So, that was The Day of Awesome Food. It shall go down in the annals of history as the day when the Great SD ate twice his weight in Food.