Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dinky-Little Bikes, Hippies and Rastas, Scubadiving and more...

Vasco Da Gama
Sat on a llama
And went to the drama
Without his pajama
Hai Rama! Hai Rama!

Thats a little nonsensical rhyme we made up while chilling at Sam's Beach Shack. Very cute place. Nice dinner, soft beats in the background, warm sand and the ocean nearby. Aaah. Goa is Bliss.

A Blue Heaven

While there, we socialised with a Hippie (who worshipped Lord Shiva. Or Sheeva, as he would say), a Rasta (Rastafarians are *really* cool!), and three lesbian chicks! We hung out at beaches, drunk petrol ('twas cashew fenney actually, but it sure smells close enough to petrol! I'm dead sure that should you ever run out of petrol in Goa, just head to a beach shack and dump some fenny in the fuel tank. It WILL work.) Cashew Fenney is a Goan speciality. It's available at every one of the thousand beach shacks. We Chilled on beaches, had INFI INFI ossom food. Partied out the nights. Didn't visit Club Cabana. (We had waaay more fun than Club Cabana)


Also we had vowed to drink more beer than water on the trip... and we ripped up and down the streets of Goa on dinkly little bikes. We went to a Anajuna Beach. We got caught by cops. (Not on the same night, luckily)

We (Avi, KP and I) also got to hang out with bunch of really cool guys - Priyo, Tushar, et al. And they introduced us to our first pints of Kings beer. I kid you not - Goa runs on Kings beer! Forget Kingfisher - drink Kings beer!

Coral reefs. Scubadiving. Wow. Amazing. Wish I'd been able to go down deeper, but it was amazing nevertheless. Jet-skis. For 15 minutes - just the waves and you flying all over the place. Truly Exhilarating!... And the sandwich! Bacon and Ham. Heavenly!

Dinky little bikes!

Man. Now we're gonna need a few days rest to recover from all this serious relaxing!!!

My last end-semester exam in IIT is tomorrow. I'm almost out! :D ... Besides, Endsems have never been so much fun. Goa has never been so much fun! :-/

Scubadiving; Tushaar, Priyo and Avi

Fenny by the Sunset


Gutterflower said...

*Dying of jealousness*

sujay said...

is there anything you didn't do? :P

Ess Dee said...

yes actually... I didn't go parasailing :-/

... will go next time. :)