Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Did you know that in 50 years, world water-levels are expected to rise 10 meters?

That is scary. And plus my island (which I will buy sometime) could well be under water in 50 years!! Damn this global warming.

A concept of what a sunset might look like then. A landscare, if you please. The only ones happier are the Orcas.

The picture links to a 800x450 widescreen photograph. I also have a hi-res 1200x675 version if you want one for a wallpaper :)

Ah, endsems. :-/


shaishav said...

u better change plans about ur island....
ever gavea thought to buying a new planet :D
now the pics really gud. telme..u do 3dsmax on ur comp or some other "dabba"
and if the answer is the former...then how does ur "oh, so cute" lappy cope up wid the ounces of additional load u put it thru?

neha said...

oye, we hv similar plans...i want to buy an underwater hotel...and since its already warming wont affect it:P

but that sunrise pic was nice:)

neha said...

did u make this one too?

Ess Dee said...

ya.. ofcourse i made it! :D

Ess Dee said...

well. underwater. not a bad idea. but i prefer Shaishav's "new planet" idea... maybe Mars in 50 years will be like cool wild-west-level thing..?


neha said...

ya, planet is also a good idea, but u never know when a meteorite hits it...and its all gone!
Underwater hotel is there to stay:)