Saturday, May 05, 2007

The End of an Era

There's a point when we have to declare that IIT days are over. For me, it wasn't the end of semester exams, the beginning of the holidays, valfi or leaving hostel that defined that day. Everytime a friend went home, perhaps not to be seen again in years - that's what the defining moments of IIT getting over was. Perhaps most - today - the day when Avi went home.

No more lukkha nightouts, beer at balconies, visits to random pubs, playing Diablo II or WoW or randomly sitting around chatting, south-bombay raids. Some really good times. That's all over now. I'm getting all sad.

The End of an Era.

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Anonymous said...

Its time for new friends new place, new LIFE !! be happy about it.. as for old friends.. u'll bump into them now and then ..but dont expect too much bcoz it wont be the same EVER again..and i guess its better that way

Its just a human tendency to resist change so get over it and get ur bum back in action