Monday, June 11, 2007

Ashen Advice

Anytime adequate aqua assaults accumulating atoms, atmospheric ambiance always acts accordingly. Alluvion advances accession away approaching amiable and agreeable ambiance. Acclimatized assuredly an alp-apparel adorned aristrocrat attempts annoying an aardvark! Accordingly, aardvark Allah Allscalesandhide advocates armageddon at an African association. Assigning an aaromry at attacking aforementioned aristrocrat, Allscalesandhide abandons and arrives at affected abode.

Altough absurd and amusing, an absence of agenda applies an anticipative ambush atop abstruse article. Avast.


Anonymous said...

Wannabe V.


Ess Dee said...

lol.. yaar actually! i should have alliterated in V!


Ess Dee said...

oh and BTW, V didn't use alliterations. He just used many words with V. Out here, ALL words start with A! :P