Monday, August 13, 2007

The Duke's Tush?

A tiny trek, but a very pretty one :) The perfect monsoon trek, complete with rains, wind, wrong trails, buffaloes charging, bad puns (see title :P), waterfalls and terrible singing! :D

Misty Mountain Hop

Being Train-ed

Shocking Green!

Throw one more stone and I'll CRY!

Waterfall from Heaven

One big happy family

Our very own little stream

A Tale of Two Trees

The Clouds set in

Being Blown Away!

Let me out!!!

PG ki ma ki ....?

Into Eternity

Who Nose?

Colon Dee

"Unworm My Clothes!"

Hah! That was Eeeasy!

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1 comment:

Avantika said...

such a FAWNKY pic that is!! the train-ed one!!! :D:D
and lol@ 'let me out' u guys had fun!!