Friday, August 17, 2007


For Avinav:

Spider-pig, spider-pig
Does whatever a spider-pig does
Spins a web!
No he can't
That's because he's a spider-pig!
Look out!
Here comes the spider-pig!

Okay, not an exact description of Avi: I agree he's not pink. But the rest matches pretty well: He's animated, fat n flabby, has almost no hair and is responsible for a lot of shit :P

But nevertheless, to ensure that he accepts this testimonial, I must say that he's quite a jovial character who loves the shouting bits in life. "Singapore/Japan/(generic Asian country) ROCKS!" is reputed to be his war-cry.

Just to point out tho: Avi does beat the pig in one aspect: He has two really cool opposable thumbs which he uses to hold all sorts of fancy things. Poor spidy-pig can't do that at all! :P

Now sing along: "Look out! Here comes the Spider-pig!"

(He didn't accept it. Sore loser :P)
(UPDATE: He's accepted it now. Yay! :D)

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