Friday, September 21, 2007


The first question I got asked at office today morning was: "Did someone beat you up?". Ofcourse, he was joking, but that was just an indication of how "beat up" I looked.

What actually happened was a lot more frightening. And more exciting in some ways too. (I mean... getting beaten up is *really* no fun.)

It had rained pretty heavily all night and this dinky little auto was speeding down the road. Suddenly a stupid-silver Indica cuts across from the other lane! The auto-driver tries to brake and turn and ends up skidding badly. The auto touches the divider and flips! I kid you not - the autorickshaw actually turned over the side. But we were barely travelling at more than 10 Kmph! It literally just touched the damn divider and flipped.

The whole sequence was insanely scary. Have you ever been in a flipping autorickshaw? It feels like a roller coaster gone horribly wrong. And there's this thud and sheech as it comes to a stop. Also kinda shows how unstable autorickshaws actually are.

Luckily no one was injured. I did hit my left hand on something in the whole chaotic incident and that hurts a bit. But other than that - nothing else.

Within moments, there were people swarming all over the place! One chap got a bottle of water, others turned the auto upright again and there was no shortage of people asking "Aap theek ho na?" (Perhaps trying to start a conversation to find out what happened I think :P) Mumbaikars are *really* helpful when needed.

I'm still shaking a bit - but also really glad to be absolutely safe. That Guardian Angel of mine has been doing an ace job. :)

Now lets go get some coffee...


Giddu said...

I am reminded of happy tree friends :P

avi said...

my god, u ok?
silly boy dont sit in shaky autos!