Sunday, October 21, 2007

Begging Bowls

Have you ever gone begging? (Possible reactions at this point are: No! and Ewww!)

Well, in accordance with the World-Wise view that "Everything Should Be Tried Once" (Note the Capitalization), we decided it's time to try our hand at begging. God, we're IITians. We oughtta be good at begging right?

So, that's that. Guitars in hand and a handy begging bowl (guitar case) on the ground, we started singing. Right in the middle of Galleria! :D

KP and Freshie playing guitar. Me posing.

Lookie who's there! Saaajid. The Lookah :P

Artistic Pic.. The "Beggars Galleria"

Loook! People gave Monnneyyy!!!

So, we had some awesome guitaring by Freshie/Sophie punters. And some great singing by KP. Vishnoi and I hung around like the *professional* lukkhas that we are ;)

Good times. Good times.


Avantika said...

very very cool :p

Avantika said...

oh bee tee double-u! you have verrry white teeth LOL =))

Arjun said...

She's right, you have perfect teeth. Son, what's your toothpaste? The world should know.

Ess Dee said...

lol.. why thank you thankyou :P