Friday, November 23, 2007


Disclaimer: To the guys mentioned below: If you feel insulted, then don't get upset with me. Hey, the truth hurts. Do this: Just ask the other people (below) if you deserve the Dunce Cap after what you did (or are doing). You'll see nods of agreement :-P

... ... ...

KP's zis guy youknow. He's a Dumbass. You see, he needs some marks to pass a course. And ofcourse, there are some course assignments worth.. *10 marks*! Perfect huh? But ofcourse, he hasn't submitted them. What does that make him? Yes... a Dumbass.

Emani's zis guy youknow. Like KP, he is also a Dumbass. In addition to being a Dumbass, he is also a Frigtard. Here is why: For years, he's been driving drunk. No, not just "Oh, 1 beer! I can drive" type drunk, but a "I might be [sarcasm]slightly[/sarcasm] high, but I've done this before" - that type of drunk.

Yes, I know - doing that only makes him a Dumbass and not a Frigtard. But here the punch: He drives a bike. And he drives it and speeds which might be dangerous even when *not* soaked (Clap clap clap: Emani's now promoted to Frigtard!) So, now he's totalled his bike and fractured his hand. He is also lucky to be alive. Dumbass Frigtard. (Oh, please send him "Get well soon.... DUMBASS!" messages ;) )

At this point, I would also like to mention Krishna "But the coach maaroed senti to play, rey!" Ramkumar. Playing Inter IIT with a broken knee, risking not being able to walk for life. Yes. Dumbass.

I realized yesterday that some of my friends are Dumbasses. With a Capital D. Now go up and read the disclaimer.


avi said...

See see, you missed yourself. Going to Goa in the middle of end semester exams when you are about to fail a course.
Addition addition! :)

Krishna said...

Sorry re! :)

Won't play, will just be assistant coach on the bench. Or somehow wriggle out of it during Inter IIT. Let's see :)

Ess Dee said...

Who? Me? Surely you jest! :-P

crazed_mellow said...

seddy i lou u.

i will submit as soon as the other ppl in the course finish their endsems and get startede on this cause a lot of guys will be needing the extra marks.