Monday, November 12, 2007

"I feel like drawing something."

"O great creator of being, grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives."

Mark of the Wild

Every culture has one. A Shaman. He heals; leads sacrifices; tells stories; sings songs. He even predicts the future and guides souls.

Where's your will to be weird?


crazed_mellow said...

hey. really like the last 2 posts. a lot of substance they have. must say i have written some of my best stuff when i was sick
just read the last 2 posts. didnt now u were down with fever.

and coincidentally. i have a fever right now and a bad tummy and a bad throat.
i might write a classic yet.

crazed_mellow said...

hey lisse i just noticed that if u flip the shaman thing by 180 degrees then it might make a bdy with a face and all the thing at the bottom is a face with eyes.

try it out and tell me.

Ess Dee said...

tried it... looks like some strange alien octopus thingy!!

yamach said...

ess dee i really like your drawing at the top named "mark of the wild" and i am thinking to have it as a tattoo on my right shoulder =) if you let me do it tho :P

Ess Dee said...

@yamach - by all means go ahead!

... send in a picture of the tattoo if you can too!