Monday, February 18, 2008


I've just come across the perfrect CS map: It is (wait for it... wait for it...) IIMA Campus! Seriously no kidding - the layout of the place, the brickey red feel, short buildings. Archways, big round holes, seedy spots to snipe from.

Windows overlooking courtyards, quick confusing exits to dart in and out of, curving stairwells. Brilliant I say.

And to top it off is the dusty, grimy atmosphere. It feels like de_dust with a slight tinge of de_aztec.


Giddu said...


Ess Dee said...

oh yeah. and the one posting 1337 comments happens to be..? :P

Rashmi said...

haha... and are we gonna see you become a part of this "really existing counter strike arena"..

hey btw remember mood i pro night.. that stupid guy sang that song :i'm gonna mis my college days" which was incidentally shot in iim ahemdabad.. it actually featured on channel v as "the next big thing"


Arjun said...


Kris said...

i was gonna do that to xaviers for UT back in 2000. never actually did it of course.

it would have been cool, sitting in IIMA and battling each other in the IIMA map. wish i had done that. here's your shot.