Monday, March 03, 2008


(Thanks to my bro)

Have you ever realized that there are never any waitresses in restaurants in India?



Arjun said...

Holy crap, you are right. Here, they try to sell certain restaurants with their waitresses.

The Raptor said...

And how much of India have you seen? I surely remember being served by women waitresses in some restaurants in Delhi.

Rashmi said...

what nonsense.. of course there are waitresses in indian restaurants..
china gate has them!!!! :D
its not discrimination u know.. its more like.. maximum of the female waitresses are unfortunately employed in our houses as house maids... or its just the housewives doing the job sometimes!!! "THATS" discrimination!

Ess Dee said...

oh comon now.. one off exceptions. fine if you ppl wanna be *so* pedantic about it: 99% of indian restaurants do *not* have waitresses.

Is that okay now?


Rashmi said...

aah.. yeah.. maybe that makes a little more sense than the previous statement... from what i have noticed the chinese restaurants or these big 5 star hotel restaurants have female waitresses... i wouldnt say a local uddipi joint or any other local joint has them.. :D
ess dee dearest.. dont get so offended.. we still love u u know! ;)

Giddu said...

Is it just me, or that no one really wants to see that the phrases female waitresses or women waitresses are redundant? :P

Ess Dee said...

@Gid - Nope it's not just you. "Female waitresses" *is* redundant ;)

Avantika said...

oyea ess... i just had breakfast outside..and guess what? i was served by a waitress :p... tell you what...most of them are chingy so they go unnoticed...many in delhi!

avi said...

how racist :P
not the women thing, the mention of north-east folk in a derogatory manner!
erm, yeah iv seen a few here and there. good observation?

Avantika said...
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