Monday, March 17, 2008

Look At Us, We Have No Fear

Look at us, we have no fear
Said the Ancient Master:
Travelling for so many a-year
We lack our olden lustre.

On a noble mission to find
Another race;
Maybe human-kind
Or a face
That without arrows unwind.

On the edge of a sleepy blue morning
Just before dawn's blade:
Golden, glittering, a town is sprawling
Within an ashen green glade!

Oh! Perhaps our home we've found!
Cried the Admiral in glee;
But alas! Replete with fears unfound,
It was not to be.

We neard hopefully, without ire
But, the Devil's Sorcery:
With a quick jab and a slow fire,
They put us out of misery.


Rashmi said...

hey sd.. i've missed reading ur blog in so many days.. everyday i would log on to see if there was any new post.. and finally there is one today!!! yippeeeee!!!! and its a good one.. i am not a poetry person but there was some innocence in this one :)

Ess Dee said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...


Ess Dee said...

testing?? wtf??