Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's like a layer of symphony over a wall of noise!
~ K "Punchdrunklovesick" P

Biology has phylum, and chemistry has nomenclature. Music has genre. And like all categorizations, it sometimes seems self defeating.

Metal, it seems, has more sub-genres that the kinds of butterflies in this world. Speed Metal, Grind Core Metal, Heavy Metal, yada yada.

Symphonic Death. Oxymoron? Perhaps. I spent a great deal of my final sem debunking the genre and those that listen to it. With a name like Symphonic Death, it was a rather sitting duck-ish target to begin with.

But I admit I was judging the book without even seeing it's cover.

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crazed_mellow said...

Hear Hear

[Ah dhang u]