Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pilgrimage to Work

This is how I will get to work, thanks to the auto-rickshaw strike:

1. Walk 1 Km to the Chandivali bus stop

2. Take a bus from Chandivali to Rambaug (or L&T)

3. Take a bus from there to Goregaon W.

4. Change buses and get one to Inorbit

5. Walk from Inorbit to office (or if I'm lucky, the shuttle car will be available)

Estimated Time of Journey: 2 hours to 2.5 hours



Anonymous said...

Or, you could do this -
1. same
2. Go to Andheri stn (W)
3a. Catch another bus direct to Inorbit) - afaik there are 3.
3b. Go to Malad Stn by train (it'll be fairly peaceful, you'll be going against traffic), catch any bus to Inorbit
4. Inorbit - Office - Hitch a ride :D

The absence of rickshaws makes Mumbai roads look so huge!

Giddu said...

My pilgrimage -
1. wake up at 9.
2. get ready
3. come down - feel the marine drive sea breeze
4. take a cab - get to office - feel fresh worli seaface breeze
5. take the elevator to office.


stay in office till 11 :(

crazed_mellow said...


1)get up
2)get to cone
3)get in TUM TUM
4)Jump Kresit w=gate.
5)take elevator.


Ess Dee said...

@sujay - seriously. getting from easto to west without autos is like the majorest headache *ever*

@giddu - you suck. when do you intend to come n meet us huh?

@kp - yeah you suck too. :P

The Raptor said...

This is how I get to work:

Wake up.
Walk down.

Average time travel for travel: 10 minutes :)

Rashmi said...

this is how i got to college for my admissions...

1. on waking up, felt happy to know there was an auto strike.. that means less traffic till mahim! (college is in south bombay)
2. happily got ready.. looked my best..
3. got into the chauffer driven car... and zoomed to college.. (oh i also had lunch out and did some shopping with friends!)

poor u sd! u should have given us a call.. we would have guided you thru it.. btw.. doesnt the 424 come till goregaon from powai????

crazed_mellow said...

Sir seddy singh is waaaaaaaaay to snooty for India's Buses to be graced by his august presence.

Rashmi said...

kp dearest.. dont be so mean!! seddy singh had a tough rough hard long day!! and unfortunately.. he doesnt bunk work on the days he should!!! :P