Friday, May 23, 2008

Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun
Won't you come
Wash away the pain

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Galaxy in an Eye

What do you spy with your little eye? Do you see outward, or inward: Do you see The Galaxy or An Eye? Or do they both just seem to merge into each other, like it was meant to be?

It is quite funny that I should turn to art now after all these years. I have always steadfastly maintained that my skill at drawing is a complete zero: I can't sketch to save my life!!. But somehow with a computer at my hands, I feel safe. I can venture out and draw that line, turn it around and dash colour at it.

It is the medium that makes all the difference.

May 25th is Towel Day! Don't Panic!

Its just 4 more days to Towel Day (May 25th). Isnt this just amazing??!
How're you all planning to celebrate?

I plan on constructing a devious outfit made entirely of towels and a superfluous cape made of red towel material. this shall adorn my royal body for the entire day of Towel Day.

Further, I will carry a dense but radiant towel of my own design which is soaked in nutrients (gin and tonic) and use it to feed for the day. While this may upset some of the world's less knowledgeable minions, it will be good practise for the day when I shall have to hitch hike
across the galaxy.

Indeed it is a Divine and Auspicious sign that Towel Day falls on May 25th, which is indeed the very same day that The Galaxy's most important movie, Star Wars, released many a decade ago.

Darth Vader, in all his Dark-Side-Prowess used to carry a towel with him everywhere. He would breathe through it and it would keep him alive. That's why he sounded like he did.

So, on this day, we pay homage to the great saint that was Douglas N. Adams. May he have his Towel by his side, wherever he is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Phoneix Rises and Coral Dream

Fire of the Heart (Part II): Phoenix Rises

Coral Dreams

Thanks to Bairathi for reminding me of one of my earliest creations. Looking back, I can only see how crude and unpolished they were. However, I did take it and recolour it, polish it up a bit. That's Phoenix Rises for you.

I've been ever so intrigued by Corals lately. Still incomplete, but I put it up anyway: Coral Dreams.

Friday, May 09, 2008


So yes folks, I'm all set to return to wearing faded jeans, living with spider-webs and being perenially broke. In other words, I'm returning to student life! :-D

In just over a month, I'll be back in a hostel, where I belong. But this time, I want to set it up perfectly. Like an ideal hostel room.

My ideal hostel room so far:

1. Bean Bag (ofcourse)
2. Lappie with a wireless router, an Airport Express perhaps so that I can wirelessly connect speakers
3. Water heater and coffee sachets for instant coffee anytime
4. Fridge - I *am* getting a fridge.
5. Framed artwork and pictures on the walls
6. Wind chimes (I like 'em)
7. A cool light-tower of my own design

This is ofcourse a growing list, and I need more ideas. What would you change in your own ideal hostel room? Drop by ideas in the comments section or mail them to me (just incase you dislike commenting)

Playing Doc

The Symptoms:
1. A sudden change of skin tone
2. Dinky little bikes
3. 10 grand in cash
4. Bacon and ham sandwiches
5. Hammocks
6. Bibinca
7. 603 unread emails

The Diagnosis:
It seems that you have been on a trip to Goa.

Yes, I'm back from Goa now. It was the most fun trip *ever*! And I've also quit my first job. It feels so surreal!