Friday, May 09, 2008

Playing Doc

The Symptoms:
1. A sudden change of skin tone
2. Dinky little bikes
3. 10 grand in cash
4. Bacon and ham sandwiches
5. Hammocks
6. Bibinca
7. 603 unread emails

The Diagnosis:
It seems that you have been on a trip to Goa.

Yes, I'm back from Goa now. It was the most fun trip *ever*! And I've also quit my first job. It feels so surreal!


Anonymous said...

You quit? What's up with that. It's strange--you're the 4th person I know who quit a job this year.

Ess Dee said...

@arjun - I got into IIM Ahmedabad. Hence i quit :D

mnemonic said...

lets go back... please... let us all go back...

Ess Dee said...

yes yes lets go back!!

Rashmi said...

hey.. sounds like u REALLY had a blast.. well thats inevitable if u are kp are around together!! :D