Friday, May 09, 2008


So yes folks, I'm all set to return to wearing faded jeans, living with spider-webs and being perenially broke. In other words, I'm returning to student life! :-D

In just over a month, I'll be back in a hostel, where I belong. But this time, I want to set it up perfectly. Like an ideal hostel room.

My ideal hostel room so far:

1. Bean Bag (ofcourse)
2. Lappie with a wireless router, an Airport Express perhaps so that I can wirelessly connect speakers
3. Water heater and coffee sachets for instant coffee anytime
4. Fridge - I *am* getting a fridge.
5. Framed artwork and pictures on the walls
6. Wind chimes (I like 'em)
7. A cool light-tower of my own design

This is ofcourse a growing list, and I need more ideas. What would you change in your own ideal hostel room? Drop by ideas in the comments section or mail them to me (just incase you dislike commenting)


Giddu said...

The place you are going to already has (or should have by the time you arrive) wireless broadband access.

Also, a fridge is present :)

As for a light tower, you can make one for me as well :)

And the bean-bag... It is suicide to have something so comfortable in your room in the first year. I shall confiscate it :)

Giddu said...

And yeah, welcome and congrats etc. :P

Ess Dee said...

yeah man thanks.

looks like my ideal hostel room is already shaping up! :D

i'm still gonna get an AirPort Express tho.. just so that i don't have to attach speaker wires :P

Drop in more ideas na.. Light tower for you i'll work on it. But you must pay for parts since I am a poor bhikari person again now ;-)

@all people - please please drop in more ideas!!!

crazed_mellow said...

A slinky.

14 undies. [more if possible]

secret passageways to lands where alcohol is available.

a packet of beedis for the ooh factor [ they are very very cheap]

a piece of rubber to jam into the doorway.

lazer weapons in case light tower accidentally summons a alien species.

~arjun said...

The Airport Express is a little overrated. It suffers from random resets and there is no good reason you cannot stream sound from video sources and other applications to it. I'll be bringing mine to setup a little wireless network and home, so you can see how it holds up.

But it sure as hell is portable!

Ess Dee said...

@kP - i can understand everything, but why rubber to jam the doorway?

@arjun - thought of the AirPort limitation. Check out "Airfoil" byRogue Amoeba. It does the trick :-)

Anonymous said...

Where are u going neways?

Kris said...

psychdelic of the things you can't do at home ;)

Vartika said...

uhmm..a small plant on the table or may be by the window...
and a laundry bag!

Ess Dee said...

laundry bag is a good idea :-)

plant.. yes. i wonder which plant i shall grow by my window. hmmm :-/

Gutterflower said...

Lava lamp.
Spray paint.
Hang ropes of shoelaces from the ceiling and attach important objects, like socks.