Thursday, November 20, 2008

Interview Horror Stories

Some people are geniuses. Here is a story of one.

His name was Broca (Name changed to protect identity). Broca was sitting for summer placements. He enters his interview and Mr. Interviewer kindly asks him to sit before asking, "So tell me something about the current Indian economy."

Broca says, "Sure. Could I have a minute to think please?".

Now Broca was a genius. He had spent the last night researching on things like the Barrack Obama, India-China, the company's director's name and such stuffs. He was well prepared for this interview. The whole of the night. Extremely well prepared.

He was also sleepy.

So, in his minute of soltitude, he drifts off to sleep sitting in the interviewee's chair - the kind of "I must stay awake. But damn I'm soo sleepy" kind of drifty sleep that we all experience in a class where time seemingly stands still. A minute later the interviewer wakes him and asks if he wants water.

Yes, this is the story of Broca the Genius. It is a true story. He really fell asleep during an interview!

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