Sunday, January 11, 2009

At Sunset

I'd love to touch the sky tonight
I'd love to touch the sky
So take me in your arms
And hold me up so high

Nothing particularly special here. Just an overall nice looking peaceful sunset. Somehow I always imagine sunsets over limitless oceans and sunrises over valleys and hills.

Made on August 2, 2007.


Kris said...

that's because you've always lived on the west coast dude!!!

ps: the date...4 days before the new job :)

Ess Dee said...

Not true dude... i lived the first 12 odd years of my life in Calcutta!

... yeah we did join MS on Aug 6th :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures!

At some point, I need to learn how to do this kind of work too.


dreamerdeepa said...

Most gorgeous sunset ever ;)

Nithya said...

Oh, it's lovely!

Karthik Shekhar said...

Beautiful :-)