Monday, January 05, 2009


Hi everyone!!! Happy New Year!.. I'll tell you all about New Year's stories soon enough. But for now, I'll wish you all the fun for the new year and leave you with a pic of... just me :D


Kris said...

oi!!! completely forgot!!! getting old, i think :P

how was it? what's the place this pic was clicked? i reached home a few hours ago...biked back in 13 hours overnight, volvo-style :D

Anirudh Patil said...

oi.. looks like you are keeping our deal to grow hair (:P at kris)..

i haven't had a haircut since placements.. neither planning to get one this sem..

also happy new year!!i think you did call that night..

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! You look pensive!


vishnoi said...

happy new year dude... u look real old - a management grad eh? :P

Giddu said...

you narcissistic bastard. bass turd.

what good will come out of your pic?

Ess Dee said...

thank you and happy new year everyone.

@ giddu - the world is a better place thanks to my photograph. little do you realise it.

dreamerdeepa said...

Certified H-aww-tie you are ;)

Ess Dee said...

oh why thank you Deepa :-)