Monday, February 09, 2009


I know of only 1 Chinese name. Chang. There are more than a billion of them and I'm sure they're not all named the same. Yet, I know of only *one* Chinese name.

Therefore, this article is titled Chang.

Now Chang was your average Chinese punter... short, slit-eyes, smart, yellow and worked in an undergraduate research lab in some US college. Perfectly normal. Except for his yellowness.

You see, he wasn't just yellow, he was a very particular shade of yellow. So accurate was his yellowness that the following conversation was oft heard in the lab:

Student: Prof, the Sodium vapour lamp is out again!
Prof: Hm. No probs.. Get Chang to substitute.

And the student went on happily observing Newton's rings.

I would like to point out that this article is unnecessarily racist. What to do ya I've been reading and writing about Ch√Ęteau Margaux (Premier Cru French Wine, may sell for $1200 a bottle) that I've imbibed some of that French snobbery.

I would like to say that I'm sorry to all those whose feelings I've hurt in the recent past: Chang, other Chinese and all my friends whose birthdays I've forgotten. Sorry peoples.... been under a lot of workload lately.

Anyhows. I should go and make my PPT titled "Why I Should Not Be Made Dorm Baap" or else I'll be stuck with extra responsibilities next year.

Adioses (plural of Adios)


Giddu said...

this is like \b\. but without the disturbing images.

Giddu said...

okay /b/.
my mistake.

Ess Dee said...


i'll take that as a compliment :D

vishnoi said...

become dorm baap. it sounds amazing time pass a job :P

btw, u didnt come to bombay over the weekend?

ghaza said...

hey, why don't you write a search app. that searches all chinese blogs for a similar posting. I'm curious as to what they call all indians, Saurabh or Aditya?

ghaza said...

oh, slip-of-finger: Siddharth or Aditya?

Ess Dee said...

i think they'll think all Indians are called Ram or something :P

@vishnoi - yeah wasn't able to come this weekend.. wait lemme mail u :)

Arjun said...