Sunday, March 22, 2009

Etiquette WIN

So here I was, waiting in line to buy food at a local fast-food place just off campus, waiting nonchalantly for the gal in front of me finished purchasing, thinking of all the yummy foody things I was gonna buy in just a minute. Suddenly, as she finished, some uncle fellow sidesteps the line and shoots his hand out to the cashier, effectively cutting the line.

I mean, how horrible. I was standing there, I was next in line. It's my god-damned turn. Who the hell is he to cut in front of me?

Now this is just plain bugging. Why do people (particularly in India) have no etiquette whatsoever? That queue exists for a *reason*. Ever tried boarding a bus? It's a free-for-all in most places. But IMO the most irritating experience is someone skipping a queue forcefully. It happens a lot more here in Ahmedabad than in Mumbai.

So, I was pissed with this guy.

But what am I to do? Nothing in my upbringing taught me how to deal with it when someone cuts the line in front of you. I mean, 3rd order quantum differential equations I can handle, but this? What do I do?

Not this time. As this douchebag started speaking to the cashier to place his order, aloud (to my friend): I said, "You know what I hate? I hate people who skip lines like they are above such measly things like waiting. I think they're nothing more than mere scumbag earthworms who deserve to be stomped into the ground."

My friend sounded a loud resounding "I agree" and this guy, obviously hearing all this, looks back and stares at me (us?). We stare back and with a slight confrontational-nod, I say, "What? You heard me." in a matter-of-fact way.

With that the guy, visibly embarrased, leaves his cash on the counter and walks out in a huff. I don't know what he was thinking, infact I care not what he thinks. This was an EPIN WIN! :D

We had a good laugh about it later. Serves him right. Scumbag.

PS: I made up bit about the 3rd order quantum differential equations: I don't even know if such things exist.

PPS: Well actually, I'm quite sure they exist, but I still made it up that I can handle them: In truth I haven't a clue. It was just for emphasis ;)


Arjun said...

Civilization win!

vishnoi said...

that's good dude. i generally would've said "excuse me, there's a line here"

Abhiroop said...

agree with vishnoi.. your plan worked but there was a good chance that he conveniently ignores you :-)

Ess Dee said...

true, he might ignore me. but the results are awesome if he doesn't :D

Amit said...

Error! "EPIN WIN"

Ess Dee said...

damn it.

yes. it is a mistake. should be EPIC WIN.


Krishna said...


Funny how the same thing happened last week in Pune with me. Was in queue for bus ticket, random uncle fellow cuts the line. So I say in shudhdh hindi - "Haan, mujhe yaha khada hoke aapko ticket kharidte hue dekhne mein mazaa aata hain. Aaj kal line-vine kisko dikhtha hain?" :P And he gives me blank puppy I-am-sorry look and backs away. I was enjoying it, so given he had already wasted my time, I told him to finish buying his ticket, while I continued the full-on sarcasm with the random guy behind me in the line. Left the old uncle fellow visibly embarassed, it did!

Ess Dee said...

@kris : Awesome :D