Sunday, March 08, 2009


Pictures from the Bhandardara trip...

View from outside the cottage

My bro and I at the tiny island

Boats after sunset

It was pitch dark (or atleast quite dark) and the above picture, using a 3 second exposure, was taken by hand: only 2 of the 15 odd were steady enough to see the boats.

HDR Photo from inside a temple
HDR photos are normally taken with fancy digi-SLRs and tripods. I made this using only a Canon hand held camera and no tripod :-) This one is a composite of 5 images at various exposure levels.

What do you think of the HDR?

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Kris said...

i think: ossim!!!

how you got to bhandara? is it possible to camp around there? i wanna camp next to a lake!!! you're invited too :)