Sunday, April 12, 2009

The first 3 days

Bangalore is great.

Over my first 3 days, I've checked out many parts of the city, figured out how buses work here and also managed to get auto drivers to go by the meter (a rather difficult task here indeed).

Yesterday I visited the Bannerghatta National Park and Butterfly Park. Both were quite nice - plenty of lions and tigers and bears and other animals. The Butterfly Park was really well done too.

I was torn between buying an iPod Touch and waiting for the new version. I keep flip-flopping between "I'm buying it today!" and "Two months later, iPod gen 3." Right now I've postponed the decision till Tuesday.

I'm staying at IIM Bangalore and the campus is simply gorgeous. It's completely green and the weather is extremely pleasant. It helps that many people are staying here as well. We played card games (29, etc.) a couple of nights ago and also played cricket all night (I really didn't know till yesterday that I was an explosive batsman!)

We had an IIMB-intro party last night as well. Lots of rum and coke flowing all round. Is good.

The pubs in Bangalore are quite cheap. And the malls have humongous food courts, which makes me quite happy :)

I found some quaint bookshops on Brigade road. I guess books will keep me company on the long commutes. Did I mention that I figured out the bus system? - and Bangalore has amazing Volvo buses. Just get on and hop off half an hour later, thus preventing auto drivers from ripping you off! And just wave your hand at a bus and he'll pull up right up to you and stop and open the door! So nice! :)

I'm actually having a lot of fun. Oh and my new phone number for the summer is 9986991694.


Arjun said...

omg wait

Leonardo said...

So much more convenient than Mumbai..:(