Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hazy Boredom

I just said, "Bangalore is great." And it is. Unfortunately Wipro isin't so hot. In fact, it's quite shady.

So essentially I'm going stir crazy here. I have *no* work. I've met my guide for a cumulative of 15 minutes since I joined (he's always got "burning issues" to deal with apparently). I don't know what my project is about and I'm just sitting here in this room thinking of how bored I am.

To top it off, they've blocked almost anything of amusing value - reddit: blocked. gmail: blocked. xkcd: blocked. calvin&hobbes: blocked. Dilbert: blocked. I've been distracting myself from the excrutiating boredom by translating English phrases from Spanish to German. There's nothing wrong about that: try it. The results are interesting (interestingness depends on boredom levels).

My iPod Nano and books are keeping me company. On the plus-side, I'll have caught up on my year's reading by the time I'm done here. Already since I started "work", I've finished reading Pitch Invasion, The Undercover Economist and The End of Eternity. Now I'm out of books too. Must buy/borrow some more.

I shall catch up with Sod again soon - maybe tomorrow. A whole bucket of stiff drinks should cheer me up a bit.


Karthik Shekhar said...

Do the Bangalore pubs live up to their hype?

Good to see that even such circumstances cannot dampen your ess-dee spirit :)

Ess Dee said...

Bangalore pubs are goodish. The best one is still Hard Rock though. :)

Anonymous said...

yea hrc has awesome musiccc !!!!

crazed_mellow said...

Lol at the translation thingy.. also the twin earths thing is pretty out of this world level :P

go and make up some stories about getting laid. Collect them in a book and title it Bang-lore.

Joywalker said...

aww sd! it pains me to see your talent going to waste. well, not really since you're spray painting, but nonetheless, it does pain me a little bit.

Sell off your works of art or publish a bored, eccentric's guide to bangalore.
the bang-lore bit can be the final chapter :)

Rylan said...

bang-galore may be better?