Thursday, April 01, 2010

You Did What?

I was chatting with Rylan. It went something like this:

R: What's up?
S: I'm meeting gentle KP for dinner.
R: Gentle is he?
S: Yes, ever since he fell off that cliff, anything but the touch of finest silk causes him to groan in agony.
R: Gladly it seems someone has finally topped my ditch-falling. Is ol' Hurr-Durr in town?
S: No, he's in Pune.
R: You think he'd mind if we popped in at 3 AM for chai?
S: I'm sure he would, but I fail to see how that's a factor...

At 12:30 AM, we (Baccha, Rylan and I (Gentle KP had been invited too, but he is a boring twat now)) left Mumbai for Pune. Our mission: To knock on Krishna's hotel room and yell "Surprise!". It was sure to fry his brain.

Along with us was a wondrous choice of music – 2 CDs of Dire Straits, 1 of Santana and a CD of 40 shady pop songs from the 90's. The choice was unanimous and powered of such class acts as Hanson, All Saints and Five, we powered onwards, stopping only once at 2 AM for paanipuri at the roadside (FTW?! I know!).

One beautiful drive later, we arrived at the fair, albeit deserted, city of Pune. We knew not where to go and after driving around blindly for a while, spotted an individual on the roadside. As we skid to a stop near him, trying to ask him directions, he ordered us straight ahead. It occurred to us that he was highly interested in us leaving without delay. It also occurred to us that we had interrupted the man... uhm... midstream, so to speak. Ah, such are the things that happen on road trips.

So, straight we drove. We realized that in Pune, any two points can be reached by driving exactly straight. Atleast the directions given to us seemed to indicate so.

Once again, quite close to our destination, we knew not how to proceed. There was a hotel nearby called Brookside. Rylan and Baccha went up to the reception to ask for directions. Switching to Rylan's first person account: "It was deserted. There was this guy in the corner, fast asleep with his mouth open and drooling, his pants unbuttoned and his hands inside. Now how does one wake up such a man to ask for directions? Poking him and asking him for the next hotel somehow seemed wrong. We went back to the reception and clapped loudly whilst simultaneously turning away as if we had no idea of the source of said sound. The guya woke and took a minute to tuck himself back together before giving us instructions while sporting a massive look of disapproval. It is possible that we interrupted him in the midst of a very good dream."

3:30 AM. Finally we arrived at Krishna's hotel. Story: It's his birthday and we need to surprise him, so reception should not ring his room. Backup plan: If they insist on ringing, then we'd say to tell him that Sir Bulla-bhai had come to meet him :D

Reception did not indeed call his room and we stood outside ringing his bell in sets of 5 beats. There was no response from within and we heard the TV on, the inhabitant had fallen asleep whilst watching IPL apparently. Clearly we had reached our destination correctly.

About 100 rings later, finally Lord Ludi awoke and opened the door. "SURPRISE!". And oh man, the expression on his face was priceless. It was a mixture of disbelief, astonishment, round-eyed "WTF?" and speechlessness. We should have carried a camera.

So to answer the question in the title, we went on an impromptu midnight road trip and turned up at Krishna's hotel at 3:30 AM, thus successfully frying his brain and having a hell good time driving on the expressway. That is all. :)


Rylan said...

Just to inform the world, Kris has an awesome room. This room also has a kinky shower, complete with purple disco lights and what not.

And Baccha's car (a WagonR) has an official level-road top speed of 145 kmph (fuel load: averaging about 20 liters. altitude of test: unknown. payload: 2.5 men and 4 CDs)

musketeer said...

me likes the post. either you have become a very good author nowadays.. or your life is more happening. Either ways, I like it. let the things keep happening. :D

Krishna said...

Too much fun, my fine friends!

Ess Dee said...

Indeed this is true. Also, on the way back, Rylan drove admirably. He almost killed us merely once.

In his words, "not every day one does an impromptu 'off-road trip'" :-/

@musketeer - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

awesome post..I so wish you had captured his expression on film!

Hardboiled said...

Oh yes, how could you not have a ka mera?!:-P The eyebrow(s) knitted together in disbelief and mouth gawking like a goldfish! Wish I was there :-(

Ess Dee said...

@Hardboiled -

We got too caught up in the surprising part and forgot about the save-for-posterity part :P

Great use of the (s) btw :)