Sunday, May 16, 2010

How Baccha Got His Name, According to Drunk KP (Part 1 of Many)

When he was in college, late one night he wandered the mean streets of Thane. He felt the chill cold air and it told him that danger was afoot. Being the hero that he was, he went looking for it.

A few streets down there was a lady, a princess of the night. She wore white, the kind that it is easy to see emotions written on. She was scurrying home from a hard day at work. The evil street Lord, almost invisible in the dark night, flashed his knife and closed upon her as she backed away afraid into a dark alley.

In her fear she turned to her mother language and screamed in Hindi: bachao bachao.

Our hero heard her call and answer'd with a karate-filled rage that would frighten even battle-hardened Spartans. And thus the princess was saved.

Ever since that day, our good friend always answered to the call of "bachao" and in time it was modified to Baccha, thus his name.


PP said...

I beg to differ.

kp got it wrong a little bit. When the jolly old princess of the night screamed, she actually said "baccha aao" not "bachaao", so it was she who bestowed the name upon our hero.

Thus there was no shortening involved. The name has been preserved since then.

Ess Dee said...

Oh I see. Perhaps this is true. Unfortunately I was not there and thus cannot attest to the truth of either version.

So, in true physicist fashion, I do declare them both to be true.

Heil Heisenberg!