Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spewing Hate

This is about Facebook.

Mainly: I hate it.

There - I said so out loud. May the catharsis begin.

My first reaction to every new Facebook feature is... "How do I opt out?". The ever-raging debate: "To add or not to add family". The most inane and boring things I have ever read proudly displayed as status messages. Photos of everyone from your dog to your grandmother. Gah.

Facebook could have made a really good Addressbook. But then they added some features and blew that chance.

So, my recommendation: Sell all your facebook stock, delete your profile and join the offline bandwagon. But then I'm a cynic. And everyone knows - never take life advice from a cynic.

Over The Last Hill We Fly

Over the last hill we fly.

The shining desert city glitters below
Me, like a jewel a thousand
Pinpricks of Pale Yellow light form
Patterns discernible in the black night.

The sea beyond smells of drunken
Mirth which pays no heed to the
Oppressive norms of society.

How glorious, but this isn't my stop.